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Eco Bungalow Officially Opens in Long Lao Mai

We are thrilled to announce the opening of the Eco Bungalow in the village of Long Lao Mai! After two years of hard work, Tiger Trail and partner World Volunteer, and the villagers of Long Lao Mai celebrated the official launch of the much-anticipated community-based tourism project on 31 January 2014. It was a festive [...]

Spring Time Bungalow Progress!

Recent Progress on Long Lao Mai Eco-Bungalow Several months have passed since our last big group of volunteers has graced us with their hard work and enthusiasm. However, work still continues as the organic structure of the clay bungalow hardens, heals, and dries to become what it will in the next year. Our Eco-Bungalow initiative [...]

">Busy Building Bungalows with Volunteers!!

BUSY BUILDING BUNGALOWS!! We’ve had a busy and eventful few months with group after group coming to contribute to the Eco-Bungalow project.  The project is located in the village of Long Lao Mai in the Luang Prabang District of Laos.  Everyone brought with them their creativity, imagination, and an eagerness as only seen in the [...]

Volunteers Building Mud Walls! Building A Future!

Fair Trek CBT Project in Action! Tiger Trail Fair Trek and World Volunteer have teamed up with a multitude of volunteers to build a 2-room mud bungalow structure in Luang Prabang, Laos.  This is a unique tourism project for community involvement and poverty alleviation. A loft, an outdoor shower, wide bi-folding front doors, and several [...]

Awesome Volunteers Contribute to Project!

Let’s Build an Eco-Bungalow! The Fair Trek Team & World Volunteer Founders welcomed our first group of volunteers last week!  The  group of 19 young adults and 3 expedition leaders came from the International School of Kuala Lumpur. They discovered our project through World Challenge.  The enthusiastic team of hard workers contributed their blood, sweat, and [...]

Village Description

Enjoy Nature in a Hmong Community Ban Long Lao Mai is a Hmong community of 95 households (about 670 peoples) that is located about 40km outside of Luang Prabang, Laos.  The village is set in a valley between many large karst limestone mountains.  There are a few caves in the area that are fun to [...]

Estimated time line of events

Survey started in November 2011 Began talks with village and made verbal agreements Started construction of the foundation, roof, stairs in June 2012 Groups of volunteers begin work in the village, October 21, 2012 Volunteers work through December Bungalow construction anticipated to complete by end of year 2012 Open bungalows to tourism (high season) Oct [...]

Eco Friendly Building

Living in Harmony with Nature ! The bungalow will be a 2-room structure with an outdoor private bathroom and one loft upstairs per room. The walls and some furniture will be built from the natural clay taken from the property. We estimated a need to shape about 2,500 bricks for the eco-bungalow construction and each [...]

Overnight in a Cozy Bungalow

The idea is to build a cozy, private accommodation that is constructed primarily from eco-friendly materials.  We believe the eco-bungalow will attract tourists who are interested in village life, but for various reasons may not be interested in the traditional home stay.  They will have the option to sleep on a comfortable bed and have [...]

New Desks… New Library, Lao school project community support

Community Project in Laos, New material for the Clay School Project Last week, the Lao Fair Trek team made a trip to visit the clay school; it had been three months since the opening ceremony!  We were curious to see how the school was holding up and if there were any changes.  The bottom 500mm [...]