Living with the Akha

Tiger Trail Outdoor Adventures has created an innovative and new interactive program that gives travellers the opportunity to experience traditional life in a beautiful minority village in Northern Laos while actively taking part in daily activities in a non-intrusive way.

The Akha village is one of many targeted villages of UNODC (United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime). This community of former-opium growers have faced much hardship and needed alternative income. Therefore, Tiger Trail, UNODC, DTO Muang Khua and the villagers themselves have created this tourism project as a source of alternative income. Visitors will take part in the villagers’ daily activities, such as handicraft processing, free-range farming, rice planting and harvesting as well as English teaching.

Our Goals for the Akha village…
The villagers receive regular income from the project and consequently accumulate enough funds for further community development, such as medical access, school, purified drinking water, electricity and other infrastructures. Apart from financial benefit, the project encourages and supports the villagers’ skills which are applicable in tourism activities, in terms of hospitality management, home stay and food provision, guiding, weaving, handicraft processing and so on. As a result, the villagers not only rely on the income from this project, but also are able to transfer the skills and knowledge into other different activities generating a new source of alternative income. Eventually, the project is sustainable, meaning that the site is totally run and managed by the community for the community, with marketing support from Tiger Trail/Fair Trek.Akha experience project northern Laos

Not only the Akha village, but Muang Khua District also benefits from the project. As visitors of the project usually commute through Muang Khua district, the position of Muang Khua will be strengthened on the tourism map. Moreover other business sectors in the district will be supported, such as guest houses, restaurants, transportation, retail stores, etc. In addition, the Muang Khua District Tourism Office obtains taxes from tourism activities in both Muang Khua district and the village which will contribute to development of the district in the future.

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