Why Fair Trek?


Fair Trek is not just tours, it promotes tours that benefit the ones in need!

As a traveler you are in a dilemma! How do you know which provider to choose? What is a really “fair” activity that benefits others? Trekking in Laos, adventure tours, Fair Trek

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Guide books are sometimes outdated, maybe too selective, and advertising on the web can be confusing, using words like “eco-tourism” and “sustainability” interchangeably. We want to make a difference and your choice easier!

Statistics prove that most travelers would pay a slightly higher price knowing that they are contributing directly to the needy, to a project, or to the community they are visiting. This is why we have joined together with a number of stakeholders over the last several years to set up a simple and clear way to implement community-based tourism that benefits all involved, including the communities, government, visitors and participating companies.

Fair Trek is a vision as well as a process which requires daily action and through our example, finds more and more followers. Hopefully one day, all over the world.

Following our Fair Trek initiative with the collaboration between all stakeholders (including Tiger Trail, the local government, the local tourism department and most importantly the villagers), funding systems have been created with the income generated through the tours. As tourism is constantly growing, so is the generated income. Every guest going on tours is giving back to the locals, automatically.

The Fair Trek tours Fair Trek children, laos trekkinghave already created new jobs and new source of income to the communities involved. Our tours are not only “fair” in terms of money, but also local culture and traditions. Having visitors gives the villagers an opportunity to spread and in a way preserve their traditional performances and practices such as singing, dancing and playing local music. The use of local productions, such as handicraft, textile and bamboo tools, are also encouraged during our tours.

Come and visit Laos, enjoy a trekking or village stay in Laos