Village funds

Each tour that is within the Fair Trek project pays  into a fund!Culture Lodge & villagers

In Luang Prabang the village fund is managed and controlled by the Provincial Tourism Office or directly by the community itself. The village funds are accumulated from each Fair Trek Tour and especially each visitor. Villagers are able to submit a request for needed financing, if not managed by themselves, or propose their ideas on how to invest it in improvements and development that benefits the whole community.

Fair Trek team members maintain constant communication with communities and assist in the process where finances are best used. But we also support general inquiries from the communities and help facilitate or even fund raise for school buildings, toilet construction, clay water filter and others.

Lodge in Luang Prabang, Village fund projectIn addition to the village fund, the villagers benefit directly by providing food and accommodation, as well as selling traditional handicrafts to the visitors.

Families are involved in the hosting at local guesthouses, village lodges or home stays. The owners of the houses, as well as the service providers out of the community, gain an additional income through visitors staying in their community.Books for children Luang Prabang

Rental fees for land, blankets, cooking material and other necessities needed help to benefit the local income as well as the fees that are paid to local village guides who show visitors around in their community.

If the communities have enough supplies and if the itineraries allows it, Fair Trek also tries to use local grown food.