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Promoting community-based tourism since 2007

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Born from a desire to to protect the unique and fragile heritage of Laos, Fair Trek is committed to promoting tourism that supports local communities and their environment in Luang Prabang and beyond. We develop programs and tours built upon the community-based tourism (CBT) framework with the goal to empower local communities to use tourism to their advantage, not be used by it. Alternative sources of income, infrastructure development, and cultural exchange are just some of the benefits that Fair Trek and our volunteers create for local communities throughout the region.

Our vision is to enhance the quality of life for local communities through tourism.

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How do we carry out this vision? With your help!

Whether you’re a large school group or international organization, we’ll work together to create a tour for you that combines adventure, culture, and volunteering.

Individual travelers, check out our Fair Trek tours and email us at info@laos-adventures.com to reserve your spot!

We believe that every traveler can make a difference.

Join Fair Trek and be a traveler with a purpose.