Creating valuable and educational travel experiences for visitors without compromising the unique cultural, social and environmental heritage of Laos.

Fair Trek has been a leader in volunteer travel in Laos since 2007. Our group volunteer programs create educational travel adventures for student groups, and experiential team building activities for professionals. We seek to bridge the gap between local residents and tourists, which is why we encourage both local and volunteer to work side-by-side. Together, they have collaborated on community development projects such as construction of new schools, village meeting houses and the Eco Bungalow, a community-based tourism initiative that is owned and managed by the local community of Long Lao Mai.


Our wide network and long-standing relationships with local villages allow us to develop safe, impactful projects that help steer them in the direction of becoming sustainable communities. We promote local community participation from start to finish – in project planning, during the volunteer work and in post-project feedback. We ask local residents what their needs are, then structure volunteer programs based on their vision of how they want to enhance their own communities.

Fair Trek Project Laos

Fair Trek operates under Tiger Trail Outdoor Adventures, our parent company, meaning we are able to enhance volunteer programs with adventure tours. From trekking through verdant mountains to swimming in the azure waters of the famous Kuang Si waterfall, volunteers can explore Laos’ stunning natural environment and learn about its biodiversity.  Tiger Trail was one of the first tour operators in Luang Prabang and our reputation as a pioneer in ecotourism in Laos is evident in the quality and diversity of our tours.


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